Gridless End-Hall Ion Sources

Gridless End-Hall Ion Sources

Veeco's Gridless End Hall Ion Sources provide high beam current for vacuum coating processes.

Mark II+ Gridless Ion Source

Dramatically increased beam current and a removable anode assembly adds new value to the Mark II+ End-Hall Ion Source.

Mark II+ Controller

Maximize ion source performance and thin film etch, cleaning and deposition uniformity with the Mark II+ Ion Source Controller.

Mark II+ Gridless High Output

For applications requiring high-current, low-energy ions, the Mark II+ Gridless High Output Ion Source is designed for vacuum coating processes in chambers from 70-130cm in diameter.

Mark I+ Gridless Ion Source

Improve process uniformity and prevent substrate damage with Veeco's Mark I+ gridless ion source. It provides a high beam current designed for vacuum coating processes.