Data Storage

Together, we turn high-value technology solutions into profitable and sustainable products

Advancing Data Storage Solutions

At Veeco, our technologies have helped advance your data storage solutions for decades. For thin-film magnetic heads for high-density hard disk drives, our ion-beam etch and deposition processes make it all possible.

5G networks and Big Data changed the game for communication and data storage. In this age of content creation and sharing, massive data centers for computing and storage require powerful and efficient computing, high-speed communication and high-density data storage. What’s more, our mobile and connected world relies on actionable data to make snap decisions in real time.

The amount of data our digital lives generates daily reaches into exabytes (1000 bytes to the sixth power) and is on an upward trajectory. All our data streaming, IoT device use,

smart homes, remote learning and working, telemedicine and more are pushing legacy communication and data storage technologies to their limits. Powerful and efficient computing, higher-speed communication, cloud storage and edge computing are the solutions.

At Veeco, we collaborate with you on heterogeneous integration and thin-film technologies to make communications and data storage sustainable and efficient. You need solutions that our unique know-how can provide. When you partner with us, you’ll have access to our cross-functional creativity, a breadth of process equipment solutions and our worldwide reach.

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Together, we turn high-value technology solutions into profitable and sustainable products.


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