High Growth Technology Markets

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Making a Material Difference

At Veeco, we align with both the end-markets and the megatrends that drive the high tech industry landscape. By assessing your needs in relation to the industry at large, we successfully develop and deliver exceptional and differentiated products. In this way, we are making a material difference.

Technology Megatrends

The technology megatrends driving our growth are large-scale and long-lived. They address both today’s technologies and future ones. From high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI), to mobility and the immersive user experience, to automotive and into the Cloud, we play a critical role in driving the advances that bring these trends to life.

High-Performance Computing / AI

When we think about HPC and AI, we think about logic scaling along Moore’s law, heterogeneous integration and other advanced packaging approaches. These trends enable faster computing in the form of processors and GPUs for large-scale deployments and higher-level machine learning.

Mobility and Immersive User Experience

With people more connected and on the move, mobility and immersive user experience encompass technologies from smartphones to communications infrastructure like 5G, gaming, augmented and virtual reality, internet of things (IoT) and a variety of sensing applications. These trends enable the next generation of intelligent and engaging interactions between people and their virtual environments.

Transformation of the Automotive Industry

Disruptive technologies, such as electrification and vehicle autonomy, are being incorporated into automobiles at a rapid pace. These disruptions require advanced semiconductor devices beyond logic and memory including AI processors, RF devices, MEMS and sensors.

The Cloud

Massive data centers for computing and storage drive the need for powerful and efficient computing, higher-speed communication and higher-density disk storage. Large data volumes generated by IoT devices, smart homes, factories and cities require leading-edge cloud storage solutions.

Bringing the Megatrends to Life

With over 400 patents, we leverage our technology leadership across the four end-markets we serve—from semiconductors to compound semiconductors , to data storage and scientific —to support continuous advancements across these industry megatrends.

Making the Impossible Possible

Let’s work together on high-volume technology solutions for advanced technology.


Built on decades of materials science and process know-how, Veeco is uniquely positioned to deliver smart solutions that remove barriers to nanoscale devices and advanced packaging production.

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Compound Semiconductors

The compound semiconductor market is one of Veeco’s driving forces, fueled mainly by 5G, display and power end-markets.

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Data Storage

The promise of 5G requires fundamental changes in our communications network and data storage infrastructure. You need solutions that our unique know-how can provide.

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Scientific & Other

Together with our MEMS, material science and power management experts, you will make your mark on the future of smart cities, factories, and transportation systems.

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