High Growth Technology Markets

We are your partners in innovation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Making a Material Difference

Meeting the device demands of Fourth Industrial Revolution applications, like visual displays, cloud and edge computing, 5G, AI, and machine learning, requires close collaboration across the supply chain. Partnering with us ensures that you will produce the newest, fastest, smallest, and most efficient electronic components used in devices to help deliver a better world. Through intentional collaboration, we can make a material difference.

We leverage our diverse set of core competencies to help you serve future needs in the semiconductor industry and emerging high-growth markets including photonics, communications & data storage; and sensors, scientific and power.

Making the Impossible Possible

Let’s work together on high-volume technology solutions for advanced technology.


Built on decades of materials science and process know-how, Veeco is uniquely positioned to deliver smart solutions that remove barriers to nanoscale devices and advanced packaging production.

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Our experts are ready to collaborate on your next photonics innovation for consumer electronics, telecommunications, healthcare, manufacturing, security, entertainment and more.

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Communications & Data Storage

The promise of 5G requires fundamental changes in our communications network and data storage infrastructure. You need solutions that our unique know-how can provide.

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Sensors, Scientific & Power

Together with our MEMS, material science and power management experts, you will make your mark on the future of smart cities, factories, and transportation systems.

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