Veeco CNT ALD customers are at the leading edge of ALD research around the world resulting in more publications than on any other commercial ALD platforms.

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Author(s): Ye, G, Wang, H, Arulkumaran, S, Ng, G I, Hofstetter, R, Li, Y., Anand, M J, Ang, K S, Maung, Y K T and Foo, S C

Published: 2013

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Author(s): Alevli, M.: Ozgit, C.: Donmez, I.

Published: 2011

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Author(s): Hsu, Po-Chun, Wu, Hui, Carney, Thomas J, McDowell, Matthew T, Yang, Yuan, Garnett, Erik C, Li, Michael, Hu, Liangbing and Cui, Yi

Published: 2012

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Author(s): Koseva, R, M�nch, I, Schumann, J, Arndt, K F and Schmidt, O G

Published: 2010

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Author(s): Vello, Tatiana P, de Oliveira, Rafael F, Silva, Gustavo O, de Camargo, Davi H S and Bufon, Carlos C B

Published: 2017

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