Veeco CNT ALD customers are at the leading edge of ALD research around the world resulting in more publications than on any other commercial ALD platforms.

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Author(s): Salomone, L Sambuco, Lipovetzky, J, Carbonetto, S H, Garc�a Inza, M A, Redin, E G, Campabadal, F and Faigon, A

Published: 2016

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Author(s): Ahmed, Bilal, Anjum, Dalaver H, Hedhili, Mohamed N and Alshareef, Husam N

Published: 2015

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Author(s): Alimardani, Nasir: King, Sean W: French, Benjamin L: Tan, Cheng: Lampert, Benjamin P: Conley, Jr, John F

Published: 2014

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Author(s): Mundle, Rajeh M, Terry, Hampton S, Santiago, Kevin, Shaw, Dante, Bahoura, Messaoud, Pradhan, Aswini K, Dasari, Kiran and Palai, Ratnakar

Published: 2013

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