Veeco CNT ALD customers are at the leading edge of ALD research around the world resulting in more publications than on any other commercial ALD platforms.

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Author(s): Knopfmacher, O, Tarasov, A, Fu, Wangyang, Wipf, M, Niesen, B, Calame, M and Scho?nenberger, C

Published: 2010

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Author(s): Timm, R, Hjort, M, Fian, A, Thelander, C, Lind, E, Andersen, J N, Wernersson, L E and Mikkelsen, A

Published: 2011

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Author(s): Hamann, Thomas W, Martinson, Alex B F, Elam, Jeffrey W, Pellin, Michael J and Hupp, Joseph T

Published: 2008

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Author(s): Lee, Geunsik, Lee, Bongki, Kim, Jiyoung and Cho, Kyeongjae

Published: 2009

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Author(s): Aissou, Karim, Mumtaz, Muhammad, Marcasuzaa, Pierre, Brochon, Cyril, Cloutet, Eric, Fleury, Guillaume and Hadziioannou, Georges

Published: 2017

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