MOCVD Systems

MOCVD Systems

Veeco offers a range of industry-leading GaN and As/P MOCVD systems designed to maximize throughput while lowering cost of ownership for a variety of applications including display, 3D sensing, LiDAR, micro LED display, and optical data communications.

TurboDisc EPIK 868 MOCVD System for LED Production

The EPIK 868 MOCVD system enables cost per wafer savings of more than 20% with a combined advantage of best operating uptime, low maintenance costs, best-in-class wafer uniformity and a higher footprint efficiency of 1.6x over competitive systems. 

TurboDisc EPIK 700 GaN MOCVD System for LED Production

Reduce cost per wafer by up to 20 percent with Veeco’s award-winning EPIK® 700 MOCVD system, the LED industry’s highest productivity MOCVD system.

TurboDisc K475i As/P MOCVD System

The TurboDisc K475i As/P MOCVD System is the industry’s highest productivity and lowest cost of ownership MOCVD system for high volume LED production

Propel Power GaN MOCVD System for Power Electronics

Produce highly efficient GaN-based power devices with Veeco’s new Propel™ Power GaN MOCVD system, featuring single-wafer reactor technology.