Veeco CNT ALD customers are at the leading edge of ALD research around the world resulting in more publications than on any other commercial ALD platforms.

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Author(s): Hamann, T W, Martinson, ABF and Elam, J W

Published: 2008

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Author(s): Kriegler, C E, Rill, M S, Thiel, M, M�ller, E, Essig, S, Fr�lich, A, Freymann, G, Linden, S, Gerthsen, D, Hahn, H, Busch, K and Wegener, M

Published: 2009

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Author(s): Zhong, Zhaoxiang, Xu, Zhe, Sheng, Ting, Yao, Jianfeng, Xing, Weihong and Wang, Yong

Published: 2015

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Author(s): Wachnicki, L, Lukasiewicz, M, Witkowski, B, Krajewski, T, Luka, G, Kopalko, K, Minikayev, R, Prze?dziecka, E, Domagala, J Z, Godlewski, M and Guziewicz, E

Published: 2010

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Author(s): Xianzong Xie: Rieth, Loren: Caldwell, Ryan: Diwekar, Mohit: Tathireddy, Prashant: Sharma, Rohit: Solzbacher, Florian

Published: 2013

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Author(s): Raposo, V, Zazo, M, Flores, A G, Garcia, J, Vega, V, I�iguez, J and Prida, V M

Published: 2016

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