Atomic Layer Deposition

Atomic Layer Deposition

Veeco's atomic layer deposition systems (Savannah®, Fiji®, Phoenix® and Firebird™) are designed to deposit pinhole free coatings that are perfectly uniform in thickness, even deep inside pores, trenches and cavities.


Savannah - Thermal ALD for R&D

Savannah® has become the preferred system for university researchers worldwide engaged in ALD and looking for an affordable yet robust platform. We have delivered hundreds of these systems in the past decade.

Fiji - Plasma Enhanced ALD for R&D

Our Fiji® series is a modular, high-vacuum ALD system that accommodates a wide range of deposition modes using a flexible architecture and multiple configurations of precursors and plasma gases. The result is a next-generation ALD system capable of performing thermal and plasma-enhanced deposition.

Phoenix - Batch Production ALD

The Phoenix® system is engineered for high throughput and maximum uptime in any fabrication environment, from pilot production to industrial-grade manufacturing. Technologists and researchers rely on the Phoenix® for repeatable, highly accurate film deposition on flat and 3D substrates alike.

Firebird - Batch ALD for High Volume Production

The Firebird™ system is a fully automated batch production ALD platform delivering superb uniformity with best-in-class throughput at the lowest possible cost-per-wafer. Integrating proven Veeco automation solutions, it enables safe wafer handling via low-impact batch transfer.