SPECTOR Ion Beam Deposition Sputtering for Optical Coating

Turn-Key Manufacturing for Precision Optical Thin Films

Achieve greater precision and thin film process flexibility with Veeco’s SPECTOR® Ion Beam Sputtering (IBD) Optical Coating System. With multiple options in fixtures, target assemblies and a state-of-the-art optical monitoring system, the SPECTOR IBD Optical Coating System meets yield and device performance requirements for virtually every optical thin film fabrication application.

SPECTOR Dual Ion Beam Sputtering System

  • Interchangeable platform accommodates either planetary, simple rotation or flip fixtures
  • Offers high yields of 200, 100 and 50 GHz DWDM filters for telecom applications
  • Meets stringent device specifications, such as narrow passband, wide stopband, steep slope and low insertion loss
  • Produces AR coatings, complex non-quarter wave coatings and ultra-low-loss laser mirrors
  • Fabricate mirrors with absorption and scatter at single-digit ppm levels
  • High-energy process offers better packing density and low pin-hole density
  • Low-pressure operation provides high film purity
  • Superior film thickness control

SOURCERER System Manager featuring a unique graphical interface with real time and animated movements, the SOURCERER® system manager offers more control and flexibility than any other ion beam system control package on the market. Using simple commands or easily imported thin film designs, process engineers can develop advanced automated recipes, start the process runs and return when the run is complete. Coupled with Veeco’s superior process knowledge and responsive worldwide service organization, we set the standard both before and after the sale.

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