Veeco ALD System Start-Up

  1. Startup external pumps per the vacuum pump’s manual
  2. Connect power supply to the system
    • Savannah
      • Plug power cord between the Savannah system and the 120VAC 20A wall outlet or power transformer for countries with >200V outlets
    • Fiji G2
      • Hit off button on power distribution box on the back
      • Turn red handle of power distribution box to the ON position
      • Hit ON button on power distribution box on the back
  3. Turn ON E-box
  4. Startup the software and computer
  5. Open all the gas supplies and pneumatic gas going to the system
  6. Turn on any turbo pumps and wait for them to spin up
  7. Manually turn on all reactor heaters
  8. Install the precursor per the precursor cylinder replacement/installation procedures. Once the precursor cylinders have been installed been shutdown, the following procedure should include closing the manual precursor valve and evacuating the headspace.
    1. With the valve closed, pulse the cylinder 10 times for 1s
    2. Heat precursor to process temperature for about 30min and repeat the same pulsing process to verify there are no leaks
    3. Open manual valve
    4. Pulse cylinder 10 times for 1s once again to remove the trapped gas


*Note: The following recommendation is general advice for starting up a Veeco/Ultratech/Cambridge NanoTech ALD System. The specific hardware for any given system may vary and require additional startup procedures. Please refer the system user manual provided prior to starting up the ALD System. For further questions, please reach out to your local Veeco ALD representative.