Ion Beam Deposition

Ion Beam Deposition

Create ultra-precise, high-purity, thin film layer devices with maximum uniformity and repeatability with Ion Beam Deposition (IBD) Systems.

Quest Broadband Optical Monitor for Optical Coating Manufacturers

Get improved repeatability and exceptional process control with Veeco's Quest Broadband Optical Monitor. Its features allow for control of leading-edge optical designs.

NEXUS IBD Ion Beam Deposition System

Increase yield of 80Gb/in2 sensors and meet the demands of future TFMH device fabrication with Veeco's third-generation NEXUS® Ion Beam Deposition (IBD) System.

NEXUS IBD-LDD Ion Beam Deposition System

Meeting the demands of the highest levels of particle control, Veeco’s Nexus IBD-LDD Ion Beam Deposition System deposits sophisticated multiple-layer film structures.