Ion Beam Systems & Sources

Ion Beam Systems & Sources

Veeco offers industry-leading ion beam etch and deposition technologies that enable applications such as data storage, MEMS, sensors and EUV mask blanks.

Ion Beam Deposition

Create ultra-precise, high-purity, thin film layer devices with maximum uniformity and repeatability with Ion Beam Deposition (IBD) Systems.

Ion Beam Etch

Etch precise, complex features for high-yield production of discrete microelectronic devices and components with the NEXUS® Ion Beam Etch (IBE) Systems.

Ion Sources

Veeco offers the most comprehensive array of ion beam sources for a broad range of applications, including the industry's only Linear gridded sources.

Lancer Ion Beam Etch System

Stand-alone ion beam etch system with low cost of ownership and highest quality etch attributes