UNI-Bulb RF Plasma Source Autotuner

Automated Solution for MBE Plasma Source Optimization

The Veeco RF Plasma Source Autotuner is used in conjunction with the Veeco UNI-Bulb RF Plasma Sources, enabling hands-free operation. The Autotuner automatically adjusts and maintains the optimal plasma source conditions, removing the need for manual adjustments during experiments. For example, if operating conditions such as gas flow or power level frequently change, the Autotuner would be an excellent solution to automate the process.The Autotuner consists of three pieces—the Autotuning Controller, the Autotuning Unit and the Autotuning Power Supply. The Autotuning Controller provides operator-accessible controls, a visual display of the Autotuning Unit status and a control interface to the user’s processing system. The Autotuning Unit consists of two variable capacitors and a single fixed inductor. The variable capacitors within the Autotuning Unit are driven by servo-motors, powered by the Autotuning Controller. The Autotuning Power Supply supplies power to the unit to enable proper functioning while ensuring proper power requirements.The Veeco Autotuner ships standard with all Veeco UNI-Bulb RF Plasma Sources and is also offered as a direct replacement for the Veeco Manual Tuner.Benefits with the addition of the Autotuner, the Veeco RF Plasma Source ensures stable growth conditions and optimizes power efficiencies. The programmable parameters of the Autotuning Controller allow various selection options to customize or fit application needs.

In automatic mode, the Autotuning Unit’s internal sensor, called the Phase and Magnitude detector, generates an error signal. The Autotuning Controller reacts to the error signal and drives the servo-motors, automatically tuning the network to the appropriate plasma impedance.

In manual mode, the variable capacitors can be positioned using the MIN/MAX switches on the front panel, controlling the direction of servo-motor rotation, allowing the operator manually tune the Autotuning Unit to match the plasma impedance.

  • Ensures stable growth conditions
  • Optimizes power efficiencies
  • Enables hands-free operation
  • Compatible for use with Veeco Oxygen and Nitrogen RF Plasma Sources

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