Sulfur Valved Cracker

Used By Leading II-VI Research Groups Worldwide

This source provides efficient material conservation and near instantaneous modulations for either cracked or uncracked flux while resisting the chemical attack from the corrosive vapor. The convenience and flux control are maintained without depleting the source material via a refractory metal needle valve. Excellent results have been reported producing blue/green LED and laser diode devices.

  • Generates either cracked or uncracked S flux
  • Provides flux modulation and on/off control
  • Large source capacity
  • Utilizes a nozzle for excellent flux uniformity and reduced material waste
  • Prevents loss of source material during system bakeout
  • Used by leading II-VI research groups worldwide with more than 30 in the field

The Veeco MBE Valved Cracker for Sulfur offers convenience and control unrivaled by any standard source. The large capacity refractory metal crucible is heated to generate a sulfur beam flux (consisting of Sn where n=8,7,6,5,3,2). Gas flow is regulated through a refractory metal needle valve into an independently heated cracking zone. The temperature of the cracking zone may be adjusted to generate either uncracked sulfur flux or a beam of smaller sulfur species. The cracking zone is constructed of quartz rather than a refractory metal due to sulfur’s corrosive nature.

With recent enhancements, the Mark V Valved Cracker for Sulfur incorporates a nozzle that provides excellent flux uniformity and reduced material waste. This improvement in material utilization results in:

  • Material cost savings
  • Longer campaigns
  • Shorter system cleaning time
  • Less hazardous waste generation
  • Reduced memory effects
  • Lower particulate levels and flaking
  • Reduced system window coating

A Veeco SMC-II Automated Valve Positioner is recommended for use with this source for reliable, automated control of the needle valve.

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