SPECTOR Loadlock Ion Beam Sputtering System for Optical Coating

Superior Throughput and Repeatability for a Wide Range of Applications

Veeco’s SPECTOR® Loadlock Ion Beam Sputtering System can provide substantial throughput improvements for a variety of applications. Capable of beginning deposition within five minutes of substrate loading, the SPECTOR Loadlock System can easily double throughput for designs in which the deposition time is shorter than the typical pre-process steps required of batch tools.

System repeatability is also enhanced through the ability to maintain steady state conditions for process parameters such as pressure, temperature, target surface composition and ion source power. SPECTOR Loadlock users can expect improved mean time between maintenance (MTBM) for components such as radio frequency neutralizers, chamber liners and shielding due to their less frequent exposure to atmosphere and moisture. Combined, these features and benefits enable users to manufacture the highest precision and quality films available on the market at a fraction of the cost.

  • Substantial throughput increase for low/medium thickness coating applications
  • Improved repeatability through inherently more stable process conditions
  • Increased mean time between maintenance of several key components
  • Improved particulate control

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