SPECTOR Large Area Ion Beam Deposition System for Optical Coating

Increased Throughput and Excellent Material Uniformity

Veeco’s SPECTOR® Large Area Planetary Ion Beam Deposition System combines unsurpassed ion beam film quality with batch sizes near that of e-beam systems. In addition to a larger overall coating area, the robust fixture supports processing monolithic substrates up to 400mm in diameter and 100mm thick. Veeco has included our 16cm RF high-power deposition source and ultra-low contamination RF neutralizers to ensure high deposition rates and film quality. For maximum stoichiometry control and in-situ substrate pre-cleaning or etch support, the system is also equipped with our 12cm RF assist ion source.

  • Ion beam quality with industry-leading throughput provides the lowest cost of ownership
  • Exceptional material uniformity across 400mm planets ensures maximum product yield
  • High current RF ion sources provide excellent deposition rates
  • Maximum product flexibility provided by large substrate and palette support

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