Precision Gas Mixing System

Improves Gas Mixture Concentration for Higher Production Yields

Veeco’s Precision Gas Mixing System generates gas mixtures with improved concentration control for tighter process control and higher yield. Active control of mixture concentration compensates for changes or drifts in upstream concentration. For example: out of a 1 percent dopant premix, the Piezocon Precision Gas Mixing System can generate a 50ppm dopant gas mixture with a ± 0.5ppm or better concentration control, tank to tank and over the shelf life of the tank.

  • Cost savings: sourcing from a pure or from a higher concentration gas blend reduces frequency of tank exchange and minimizes tool down time; high ROI
  • Versatile: can handle most commonly used precursor or dopant gas mixtures
  • Convenient: allows process engineers to dial in the concentration required by the process at point-of-use over a wide range of concentration
  • Simpler logistics: allows facility engineers to reduce inventory of multiple concentration gas mixture
  • Ease-of-use: friendly user interface allows selection of active gas and of dilution gas, and setting point-of-use required concentration
  • Compact: can be installed in a small vented enclosure or VMB

For compliance with industry safety protocols, the GMS must be installed in a standard SEMI-compliant gas box.

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