Phosphorus Recovery System and Temperature Controller

Efficient, Safe Means of Trapping and Neutralizing White Phosphorus

Due to white phosphorus’s extreme reactivity with oxygen, Veeco’s Phosphorus Recovery System (PRS) provides a safe, efficient means of trapping and neutralizing white phosphorus from the growth module prior to venting an MBE system for maintenance and/or source reloading. The process is controlled and closely monitored through Veeco Molly® Growth Control Software.The Veeco PRS is available in two models to accommodate low-volume or high-volume manufacturing environments.

  • Efficient, safe means of phosphorus neutralization
  • Easy process manipulation and monitoring using Molly Growth Control Software
  • Compatible with all Veeco MBE systems

Accurate and Stable Control of Flux Instabilities

The Veeco Phosphorus Valved Cracker Temperature Controller, available for existing and new phosphorus valved crackers, ensures accurate and stable white zone temperature instabilities that can arise from changing environmental conditions such as air temperature or water-cooling temperature.

The temperature controller works by maintaining a constant white zone temperature within ±0.05°C, resulting in phosphorus flux stabilities <±1%. In addition, the temperature controller greatly simplifies the valve cracker process settings by enabling the user to accurately set the temperature of the white zone as opposed to manually setting the white zone air flow.

  • Maintains phosphorus white zone temperature within ±0.05°C and flux within ±1%
  • Compatible with all Veeco Phosphorus Valved Crackers
  • Eliminates phosphorus flux instabilities due to water temperature, air temperature and air flow

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