NEXUS IBD-LDD Ion Beam Deposition System

25 Years Building Leadership in Ion Beam Products Enables Today’s Defect-Free EUV Mask Blanks

Photomask manufacturing demands the highest levels of particle control while depositing sophisticated multiple-layer film structures. This challenge is met with Veeco’s Nexus IBD-LDD Ion Beam Deposition System. Veeco has successfully served the photomask market since the 1990s, and the years of learning have resulted in today’s state-of-the-art system. The IBD-LDD system is ideal for today’s Molybdenum (Mo) and Silicon (Si) multilayer deposition and Ruthenium (Ru) capping layer deposition on EUV mask blanks, and other mask applications requiring low defect levels and advanced thin films.

    • Production-proven platform
    • Lowest defect density
    • Excellent uniformity and repeatability
    • High reflectivity
    • Deposit multiple materials in same chamber
    • Can be integrated into other process modules into a cluster tool

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