NEXUS IBD Ion Beam Deposition System

Ideal for Hard Bias, Lead, Insulation Layer and Sensor Stack Deposition

Data storage manufacturers can dramatically increase yield of 80Gb/in2 sensors, as well as meet the demands of future TFMH device fabrication with Veeco’s third-generation NEXUS® Ion Beam Deposition (IBD) System.

  • Supports wide range of devices, from current CIP to advanced CPP devices
  • Ideal for MRAM applications as well as GMR and TMR thin film magnetic heads
  • Improved CD control for all collimated deposition applications
  • Sharper takeoff angle through symmetrical arrival of the deposition plume
  • Platform easily integrated with PVD, IBE and other technologies

Veeco’s Frank Cerio, Ph.D., a leading process development engineer, presented at the IEEE International Interconnect Technology Conference (IITC). The presentation, Microstructural Optimization of Tungsten for Low Resistivity Using Ion Beam Deposition, was also presented as a poster. Watch now:

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