LSA 201 Ambient Control Laser Spike Anneal System

Veeco’s LSA201 Laser Spike Annealing (LSA) System has the same architecture as the LSA101 but includes a patented micro chamber design which enables full-wafer ambient control in a scanning laser system. The micro chamber is unique in that it does not require the use of a vacuum load-lock. The system is capable of running mixtures of any inert gases including forming gas. The LSA201 targets applications such as high k metal gate junction activation and nickel silicide formation. The LSA201 is well suited for processes at sub-20nm, such as interface engineering and material modification where ambient control is critical.

Key Features

  • Long wavelength, Brewster angle, p-polarized light for optimum within-die uniformity
  • Closed-loop temperature feedback control to maintain tight temperature control
  • Layout independent design ideal for processing both planer and FinFET devices
  • Localized stress field with flexible dwell time enables low stress processing and reduced wafer breakage


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