LSA 101 Laser Spike Anneal System

Installed at leading IDM’s and Foundries globally, Veeco’s LSA101 System is the preferred technology for high-volume manufacturing of advanced logic devices from the 40nm to 14nm nodes. Built on Veeco’s customizable Unity Platform™, LSA 101’s scanning technology delivers fundamental advantages in uniformity and low-stress processing. The LSA101 system enables critical millisecond annealing applications that allow customers to maintain precise, targeted high processing temperatures, and thus achieve gains in device performance, lower leakage, and higher yield.

The standard LSA101 configuration utilizes a single narrow laser beam to heat the wafer surface from substrate temperature to the peak annealing temperature. In response to increasingly complex process demands, Veeco developed a dual beam technology which expands the application space of non-melt laser annealing and features a second low-power laser beam to enable low-temperature processing. When using dual beam a second wider laser beam is incorporated to preheat the wafer. The dual beam system offers flexibility in tuning the temperature and stress profiles.


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