High Temperature Source

For superior high-temperature operation, more stable beam flux

The Veeco High Temperature Source provides thermal evaporation of charge materials at temperatures up to 2000°C. This compact MBE source operates efficiently to achieve high temperatures without excessive thermal load on the system. Low power requirements also enhance the lifetime of the heater filaments.

  • For temperatures up to 2000°C in UHV
  • Sources available for multi-wafer 4” systems
  • Oxidation-resistant source construction
  • User replaceable heat shielding and filaments
  • More than 425 sources in the field

The hot zone is constructed exclusively of refractory tungsten and tantalum to ensure clean operation in UHV, even at the highest operating temperatures. The tungsten heater filaments, as well as the heat shielding at the orifice, are field replaceable. Insulating ceramics such as PBN are restricted to cooler regions of the source to prevent outgassing during operation.

  • 6cc and 10cc straight-wall. Best suited for use with small (2”) substrates and partial wafers
  • 24cc conical. Charge capacity and flux uniformity suitable for deposition on 3” and larger substrates
  • 26cc SUMO. As with all SUMO crucibles, this source offers the largest available capacity, excellent flux uniformity, long-term flux stability, and efficient source operation for deposition on 3” and larger substrates
  • 78cc conical. Largest capacity for deposition on multi-4” or single-8” systems

Crucibles are available in refractory metal and ceramic materials. The appropriate choice will vary with the desired evaporant material. Reactive materials are often evaporated from a metal crucible combined with a ceramic liner. The SUMO design is not available in all crucible materials due to manufacturing constraints.

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