Growth Control & Scheduling Software for MBE Systems

The Complete Solution for Process Control

Veeco provides a comprehensive and integrated software control solution for both research and production MBE systems in our Molly Growth Control Software and Lot Manager Scheduling Software. Molly performs and allows easy writing and running of recipes that can execute a growth process while Lot Manager manages the automated operation of Veeco’s cluster tool systems.

Molly Growth Control Scheduling Software

  • Over 150 installations worldwide
  • Includes epitaxy-specific recipe editor with easy-to-use editing features (cut/copy/paste, drag/drop, etc.)
  • EpiTrend™ “always-on” data archiver and display allows comparison of current and historical data, incorporating the Liberator feature that allows review of logs and data offline—preserving system uptime
  • Embeds MollyScript process language allowing special-purpose procedures to be embedded into standard epitaxial recipes
  • Recipe checking and diagnostics allow setup and readiness verification to minimize product scrap
  • Flexible architecture allows new components and instruments to be easily integrated—supports other process control hardware connected through standard interfaces

Molly is today’s standard for controlling the MBE growth process. For over a decade, it has helped operators develop and use layer structure recipes, and monitor and control system operation. Plus, it enables growers to interface with RHEED, pyrometers and otherin-situ monitoring tools.

Molly’s popularity stems from its robust platform, which features a software architecture that lets users adapt Molly to their current needs and particular operations. The open architecture also lets Veeco continually upgrade Molly to accommodate innovations in MBE growth, and the escalating demands of research and production MBE.

The ECS1 release of Molly Growth Control Software maintains the valuable features of previous releases and incorporates many new expansive diagnostic capabilities to provide even better usability and hardware control. These include EpiTrend, which efficiently records all data on a constant basis; Liberator, which enables data export and viewing offline; and EpiMove™, which controls the newly incorporated wireless hand-held computer to provide expanded system control functionality with logistical ease. Molly is also equipped with “pre-flight” and “in-flight” checking to detect failures that will interfere with the growth process, capable of preventing thestart of a subsequent recipe run. Molly ECS1 Growth Control Software is available both on new systems and as an upgrade to existing systems.

Lot Manager Scheduling Software

  • Schedules platen transfers and growth recipe execution – Allows manual platen transfer and pump/vent operations
  • Provides indicators for platen locations, slit valve status, pump-vent operations, etc.
  • Enables easy configuration of the systems’ physical layout (add/remove process modules)

Lot Manager is an easy-to-use and robust platform in which to control the operation of Veeco’s automated production MBE systems. Through seamless communication with Molly Growth Control Software, utilizing highly flexible lot and run sheets, Lot Manager can easily be configured to automatically control platen transfer from module to module and to initiate growth recipes according to the process defined by the user utilizing Molly.

During typical operation, platens are loaded into a load lock module, transferred to the preparation module where the cleaning recipe is run, and then transferred to the growth module where the growth recipe is run. On completion of the growth process, a platen either returns to the load lock or storage module. Lot Manager repeats these steps until the platens scheduled on all the lot sheets have been processed.

Recognition capabilities of the software allow platens of various configurations to be loaded into the load lock module for processing. The operator simply specifies the platen configuration—the size and number of substrate wafers and, if needed, the corresponding serial numbers, product identification and manufacturer information.

Lot Manager can also be used to perform manual transfers. Simply by dragging and dropping with the mouse, platens can be moved quickly, easily and in real time.

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