Growth Control & Scheduling Software for MBE Systems

The Complete Solution for Process Control

Veeco’s comprehensive and integrated software control solution for research and production MBE systems is our Molly® Growth Control Software and Lot Manager Scheduling Software. Molly performs and allows easy writing and running of recipes that can execute a growth process while Lot Manager manages the automated operation of Veeco automated production MBE systems.

Molly Growth Control Software

  • Monitoring and Control
    Molly interfaces with system components including power supplies, RHEED, pyrometers, and other in-situ monitoring tools. System status including temperatures, pressures, and positions are shown clearly, and control setpoints can be set directly.
    Alarms alert users to abnormal conditions, and can be used to prevent recipes
  • Growth Recipe Editor
    Easily create growth recipes using the epitaxy-specific recipe editor with easy-to-use recipe building blocks. More complex routines can be created using the power of MollyScript™, Molly’s built in scripting language.
  • EpiTrend™ Data Recorder and Viewer
    EpiTrend is an always on data recorder and viewer. Every status and control signal in the system is continuously recorded. Data can be viewed and compared using the built-in viewer.
    Data can also be exported for use in external analysis.

Lot Manager Scheduling Software

  • Automated platen transfers
    Lot sheets schedule platen transfers and recipe execution. Highly flexible lot sheets enable customized module sequences. Optional dependencies allow for synchronizing critical processes.
    Transfer optimization enhances throughput with parallel operation, running recipes in multiple modules at the same time.
  • Manual operations
    Manual platen transfers are a quick and easy drag-and-drop operation. Manual module operations are accessed directly from the module operation controls.
  • System status
    The customizable overview screen shows platen locations, slit valve status, module status, and other control signal information.
  • EpiMove™ Manual System Control
    Manual and maintenance control where you need it. EpiMove runs on a portable and rugged handheld computer.

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