Dopant Source

Consistent performance for MBE dopant constituents

Attain precise and stable control of relatively low fluxes for dopant constituents in molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) through this compact dopant source. Its small thermal mass gives it excellent responsiveness, reproducibility, and stabilization for advanced doping profiles, plus consistent flux uniformity across an entire platen. Efficient cell heating minimizes thermal load.

  • Extremely efficient
  • Tailored to the task of providing dopant fluxes
  • Provides excellent incorporation uniformity
  • Designed for rapid stabilization time with minimal overshoot
  • Highly reproducible and reliable
  • Available for R&D and production with more than 620 in the field

The Veeco Dopant Source is designed for efficient operation, rapid thermal response, and excellent flux uniformity. To achieve good uniformity with the relatively small charge used for dopant materials, a conical PBN crucible with a large taper angle is used to ensure excellent flux distribution across the entire substrate platen without beam shadowing or collimation.

The source operates efficiently at the relatively high evaporation temperatures required for most dopant materials, without excessive thermal load on the surrounding MBE growth chamber. While small dopant sources are heated with a single filament, the larger dopants feature a pair of concentric heater filaments operated in parallel to provide the most reliable and efficient source heating and responsiveness.

Due to the small size of the Dopant Sources for single-wafer MBE systems, this source may be combined on a single mounting flange with a gas inlet tube, thereby expanding the range of dopants available in a single source port. The gas inlet, heated by the source filament, is intended for gases which do not require thermal pre-cracking, such as CBr4. Other custom configurations include two 5cc Dopant Sources mounted on a single 6”/12mm flange or two 1.5cc sources mounted on a single 4.5”/114mm flange.

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