Atom-H Source

For High-Temperature Production of Atomic H for MBE Growth

Get rapid, reliable high temperature thermal cracking of H2 into Atomic H for molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) from the Veeco Atom-H Source. This all-refractory metal source is designed for operation at 1800-2200°C and is compatible with most preparation and growth chambers. Besides high-temperature MBE, Atomic H has been shown to be ideal for low temperature in-situ substrate cleaning and for structure overgrowth preparation.

  • Specialized high-temperature thermal cracker for cracking H2 into atomic H—useful in substrate cleaning and during MBE growth
  • Tungsten heater filament positioned inside the gas conductance tube for operation at 1800-2200°C
  • Available on 2.75″/70mm water-cooled Cf mounting flange for compatibility with most preparation and growth chambers
  • Well-suited for low temperature in-situ substrate cleaning and preparing structures for overgrowth
  • Applications include promotion of two-dimensional GaAs growth, GaN growth rate enhancement and selective epitaxy

Cracking Efficiency of the Veeco Atomic Hydrogen Source Atomic hydrogen has been used in solid source MBE for a variety of applications relating to epitaxy and substrate cleaning. Many of the reported results have been achieved using thermally cracked H2 generated by home-built cracker sources.

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