16cm High Power RF Ion Source

The Performance Leader in Ion Assisted e-Beam (IAD) or Sputter Deposition

Veeco announces the 16cm RF High Power (HP) ion source, with beam uniformity of <10% across 120cm. It is ideal for use in reactive processes such as ion assisted e-beam (IAD) or sputter deposition processes.

  • Supports wide range of high power peration: 200 to 1500eV and 200 to >1000mA
  • Reliable, uniform operation in both inert and oxidizing environments
  • Increased power and current uniformity facilitates improved packing densities and increased oxidation rates
  • Also enhances stoichiometry control and helps create smoother films
  • Wide variety of grid sets available – Multiple interface packages facilitate easy upgrade path for existing IAD systems
  • For sputter deposition, offers substantial deposition rate increases
  • Ensures high thin film quality and stable process operation

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