12cm RF Ion Source

Designed for Improved Production of Long-Run Ion Beam Deposition Processes

Improve the performance and quality of long uninterrupted reactive processes such as ion beam assist or ion beam deposition of highly controlled optical coatings, with the Veeco 12cm RF Ion Source. It features the industry’s only filamentless RF Neutralizer, which provides low maintenance and enables long production runs. The 12cm RF Ion Source is ideal for processes using 100 percent argon, oxygen or other reactive gases.

  • Supports wide range of operation: 50 to 1500eV and 50 to 500mA
  • Reliable, uniform operation in both inert and oxidizing environments
  • Water-cooled – Low to moderate power operation
  • Stable and efficient plasma operation allows precise control and high repeatability
  • Well-suited to both batch and load-locked production processes

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