Technology & Products

Ultratech - A Division of Veeco

Broad product portfolio includes laser processing equipment for advanced annealing, photolithography steppers for advanced packaging and HBLED lithography, inspection systems for inline wafer monitoring and ALD equipment used in research for a variety of applications. 

MOCVD Systems

Veeco offers a range of industry-leading MOCVD equipment designed to maximize throughput while lowering cost of ownership. 

Precision Surface Processing Systems

Veeco's Precision Surface Processing Systems are on the leading edge of advanced packaging, RF, MEMS, flat panel, and compound semiconductor industries.

MBE Technologies

Veeco provides the industry’s broadest line-up of innovative and reliable molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) systems.

Ion Beam Sputtering

Veeco offers a range of ion beam sputtering technology for precision optical coatings and optoelectronic devices.

Gas & Vapor Delivery Systems

Veeco’s gas and vapor delivery systems address critical issues facing semiconductor manufacturers and foundries, including material costs, process repeatability and system up-time. 

Ion Beam Systems & Sources

Veeco offers industry-leading ion beam etch and deposition technologies.

Chemical Vapor Deposition

Veeco's Chemical Vapor Deposition Systems allow the conformal metal deposition process to enable next-generation TFMHs.

Diamond-Like Carbon

Deposit dense, uniform, and repeatable thin, diamond-like carbon (DLC) films for longer-lasting TFMH slider overcoats and landing pads with Veeco's NEXUS DLC-X System. 

Physical Vapor Deposition

Veeco's Physical Vapor Deposition Systems offer maximum flexibility for a wide range of thin film deposition applications.

Dicing and Lapping Systems

Veeco's dicing and lapping systems deliver high-productivity dicing solutions for a broad range of applications, such as read/write recording heads, LEDs, solar cells, microelectronics, and photonics.