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Veeco’s process equipment solutions enable the manufacture of LEDs, flexible OLED displays, power electronics, compound semiconductors, hard drives, semiconductors, MEMS and wireless chips.  We are the market leader in MOCVD, MBE, Ion Beam, Wet Etch single wafer processing and other advanced thin film process technologies.  Our high performance systems drive innovation in energy efficiency, consumer electronics and network storage and allow our customers to maximize productivity and achieve lower cost of ownership.  

VeecoはLED,Solar Panel, Hard disk drivers その他 Devicesの製造装置を取り扱う会社です。 北米・韓国・台湾・中国・シンガポール・日本・ヨーロッパなど世界各地の拠点をもち、我々のセールスおよびサービスチームが、お客様の開発・生産・研究をサポートいたします。

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