MBE Systems

MBE Systems

Veeco provides the industry’s broadest line-up of innovative and reliable molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) systems.

GEN20 MBE System

Get an ultra-flexible tool with Veeco's GEN20™ MBE system. It's configurable for III-V and emerging materials, including applications that require e-beam technology.

GEN200 MBE System

As the most cost-effective and highest-capacity multi-4" production MBE system in the market, Veeco's GEN200® MBE system delivers superior throughputand excellent wafer quality.

GEN2000 MBE System

Get superior throughput, longer campaigns, a smaller footprint and cluster tool wafer handling with The GEN2000® MBE system.

GEN930 R&D MBE System

The GEN930® MBE system is ideal for developing III-V or II-VI materials with direct pump coupling for nitride and oxide applications. 

GEN10 MBE System

As the most economical, flexible cluster tool system in a proven platform, the GEN10™ MBE System allows for up to three configurable, material-specific growth modules.

GENxcel R&D MBE System

The new, award-winning GENxcel system expands on the GENxplor™, the best-selling MBE system since its introduction in August 2013, with high-quality epitaxial growth on single 4” substrates compared to the 3” capabilities of the GENxplor system.

GENxplor R&D MBE System

Get unmatched process flexibility with Veeco's award-winning GENxplor™ R&D MBE System, featuring Veeco’s proven GEN10™ MBE system growth chamber design.