Specialty Sources

Specialty Sources

Veeco offers the most comprehensive selection of MBE sources, including single and dual filament designs.

Low Temperature Gas Source

Achieve low-cost introduction of source gases such as CBr4 and NH3 for MBE systems with Veeco's Low Temperature Gas Source.

UNI-Bulb RF Plasma Source for Oxygen, Nitrogen and Hydrogen

Get optimal conditions for GaN growth of electronic and optoelectronic materials, plus unrivaled plasma stability and reproducibility, with the Uni-Bulb RF Plasma Source.

Gas Crackers

For high-performance UHV delivery of gases, Veeco's Gas Crackers offer unique features to optimize flux uniformity.

Oxygen Resistant Sources

Achieve precise MBE operation at medium temperatures and partial pressures with Veeco oxygen-resistant, extended life sources.

Retractable Sources

Veeco's retractable sources address fundamental limitations of MBE, including source capacity, source removal for maintenance and system uptime.

Atom-H Source

An all-refractory metal source designed for operation at 1800-2200°C, the Atom-H Source is compatible with most preparation and growth chambers.