Medium Temperature

Medium-temperature MBE sources can be used for for virtually any application—from hot-lip SUMO sources to standard filament for thermal effusion.

Single Filament Sources

Get a cost-effective solution that's ideal for your high-volume, high-value MBE process needs with the Single Filament Sources. They feature dependable band thermocouples and single heater filaments for 750-1200°C operation.

Downward-Looking SUMO Source for Gallium and Indium

Attain large capacity, excellent flux uniformity, negligible shutter flux transients and minimal depletion effects with the Downward-Looking SUMO® Source for MBE.

Dual Filament Source

Designed for growing high-quality Ga- and In-containing materials, the Dual Filament Source prevents charge material recondensation and reduces defects.

Hot Lip SUMO Source for Gallium and Indium

Achieve excellent flux uniformity, negligible shutter flux transients, and minimized long-term depletion effects for MBE processes from the Hot Lip SUMO® Source.

Oxygen Resistant Sources

Achieve precise MBE operation at medium temperatures and partial pressures with Veeco oxygen-resistant, extended life sources.

Ammonia Resistant Sources

Maximize productivity and performance of ammonia (NH3)-based epitaxy with Veeco's extended-life ammonia-resistant MBE sources for medium-temperature environments.

Cold Lip SUMO Source for Aluminum

Eliminate damage and get thickness uniformity and flux stability with the Cold Lip SUMO® Source. It's the optimal MBE source technology for Group III material evaporation.

Retractable Sources

Veeco's retractable sources address fundamental limitations of MBE, including source capacity, source removal for maintenance and system uptime.