MBE Components

MBE Components

Engineered to exacting operational standards and designed to provide highly reliable, flexible performance, Veeco offers a range of MBE components.

UNI-Bulb RF Plasma Source Autotuner

Automatically adjust and maintain optimal plasma source conditions with the Veeco RF Plasma Source Autotuner, removing the need for manual adjustments during experiments.

Power Supply Solutions

For versatile MBE power supplies 

Phosphorus Recovery System

Safely trap and neutralize white phosphorus with the Phosphorus Recovery System (PRS) prior to venting an MBE system for maintenance and/or source reloading.

UNI-Block MBE Substrate Holders

Get more flexibility and less particulate generation with the one-piece UNI-Block® Indium-free Substrate Holder. It allows for rapid mounting of full or partial substrates in the same holder ring.

Oxygen Pressure Control System

Control oxygen in MBE oxide applications efficiently and safely with Veeco's Oxygen Pressure Control System. It enables the precise control of the amount of oxygen inside the MBE growth module.

Substrate Heaters

Optimize heating flexibility with Veeco's Substrate Heater, tailored for specific temperature and growth environments. Substrate heaters are available as direct replacement components for common MBE systems.

MBE System Cables

Ensure reliable MBE effusion cell operation with high current-carrying capacity and operating temperatures from Veeco's system cables to connect cells with controllers.

Gas Source Delivery System

Ensure precise control of gases with Veeco's Gas Source Delivery System (GSDS). It provides interlocks and monitoring for inert, hazardous and/or flammable gases, and can be easily integrated into an existing system.

Growth Stage Positioner

Ensure precise, accurate, reproducible positioning with the Veeco GSP, which utilizes optically encoded position feedback.

CBr4 Gas Flow Control System

For high-performance UHV delivery of gases, Veeco's Gas Crackers optimize flux uniformity and allow for control of the introduction of CBr4 gas into a UHV environment.

MBE Heated Viewports

Prevent coating of optical ports in MBE systems with Veeco's Heated Viewports which enable continuous, real-time feedback control of crystal growth.

MBE Crucibles

Increase key sources' charge carrying capacity with Veeco's complete range of PBN crucibles for MBE effusion cells, including unique crucibles for Veeco's SUMO® cells.

Growth Control & Scheduling Software for MBE Systems

For those seeking a complete solution for process control, Veeco provides an integrated software control solution for research and production MBE systems in our Molly Growth Control and Lot Manager Scheduling Software.

Phosphorus Valved Cracker Temperature Controller

Ensure accurate and stable control of flux instabilities arising from changing environment conditions with the Phosphorus Valved Cracker Temperature Controller.

Automated Valve Positioner

Get precise, reproducible, automated flux control with the Veeco SMC-II Automated Valve Positioner. It provides fully automated positioning of the source’s needle valve, as well as remote control of the valve position.