Wet Processing Resource Center

WaferStorm Applications

  • Adhesive/TBM removal
  • Burr/fence removal
  • Debris removal
  • Dry film photoresist strip
  • Flux clean
  • Mask Clean
  • Metal Lift-Off (MLO)
  • Photoresist strip
  • Post dicing clean
  • Post etch residue removal (PERR)
  • TSV clean

WaferEtch Applications

  • Feature/mesa etch
  • Layer removal etch
  • Post grind etch
  • RDL etch
  • Roughening etch
  • TSV Reveal
  • UBM etch
  • Wafer thinning etch

WaferClean Applications

  • Glass clean
  • Mask clean
  • Panel clean
  • Post CMP clean
  • Post dicing clean
  • Pre-bond clean

White Papers for Download

Metal Lift-Off
1. CS Mantech, 2019 – Development of Advanced Lift-Off Processes for 5G and VCSEL Applications
2. CS Mantech, 2020 – Development and Testing of Sub 0.5-micron Features for Advanced Lift-Off Processes
3. Microelectronic Engineering, 2023 – Sustainable solvent metal lift off for compound semiconductor fabrication with improved manufacturability

PR Strip
1. IMAPS, 2022 – An Evaluation of Bath Life Effects on Photoresist Removal for Wafer Level Packaging


1. Controlling Under Bump Metallization Etch with Veeco WaferEtch Platform


TBM Removal


Wafer Thinning
1. ECS Transactions, 2022 – An Alternate Approach to Backside Thinning: A Doping Selective Silicon Wet Etch
2. CS Mantech, 2020 – Implementation of End Point Detection for Compound Semiconductor Wafer Thinning Applications and Investigation of Gallium

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