Lancer Ion Beam Etch System

The Veeco Ion Beam Etch Advantage

Ion beam etching is a proven technology for enabling the fabrication of advanced thin film devices in a high volume production environment. However, both R&D and pilot line production environments continue to innovate next generation MEMS, magnetic sensors and data storage devices that also rely on high performing etch systems with best-in-industry performance specifications. Veeco currently has over 300 installed ion beam etch systems worldwide supporting thin film device applications.

The New Lancer IBE System

The new Lancer™ Ion Beam Etch (IBE) System was designed for the development and production of next generation electronic devices found in smartphones, self-driving automobiles and other ‘internet-of-things’ devices that enable connectivity, functionality and mobility.

The Lancer system provides superior device quality attainable in R&D and production environments with:

  • Best-in-class system performance and capabilities
  • Single module configuration with reduction in footprint compared to previous IBE generations
  • Production-proven technology with large install base in use today
  • Large applications database with dedicated process and technical expertise
  • Veeco sales and service support infrastructure ensuring world class customer satisfaction

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