Lithography Systems

Lithography Systems

AP200/300 Lithography Systems

AP200/300 Lithography Systems

AP200/300 Projection Steppers

The AP200/300 family of lithography systems is built on Veeco’s customizable Unity Platform™, delivering superior overlay, resolution and side wall profile performance and enabling highly-automated and cost- effective manufacturing. These systems are particularly well suited for copper pillar, fan-out, through-silicon via (TSV) and silicon interposer applications.  In addition, the platform has numerous application-specific product features to enable next-generation packaging techniques, such as Veeco’s award-winning dual-side alignment (DSA) system, utilized around the world in volume production.

Key Features

  • 2 µm resolution broadband projection lens designed for Advanced Packaging applications
    • Exposure wavelength from 350 – 450 nm to handle a wide range of Advanced Packaging photosensitive materials

    • Programmable wavelength selection (GHI, GH, I) for process optimization and process latitude

    • High intensity illumination provides superior system throughput

    • Large Depth-of-Focus for thick resist processes and large wafer topography   

  • High system throughput for favorable system cost of ownership

    • High intensity illumination reduces exposure time

    • Field size of 68 by 26mm exposes two scanner fields, reducing number of exposure steps per wafer

    • Fast system stage and wafer input/output systems to minimize handling time

  • Flexible Alignment system with self metrology capability

    • Patented Machine Vision System (MVS) alignment capability eliminates the need for dedicated alignment targets and simplifies process integration

    • IR alignment system for Through Silicon Vias and 3D packaging using embedded/buried target capture

    • Stepper Self Metrology (SSM) for optimizing product overlay

  • Advanced Packaging Specific Features

    • Wafer Edge Exposure and Wafer Edge Exclusion capabilities for electroplating processes

    • Warped Wafer Handling up to ± 4mm for Fan-Out applications

    • Universal Wafer Handling without hardware conversion (8 and 12 inch; or 6 and 8 inch)

    • Field stitching software to fabricate large area interposers
  • Complete SECS/GEM software package supports production automation and equipment/process tracking


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