Veeco's production-proven MOCVD technology will drive down the cost of LEDs and accelerate adoption.

Surging demand for LEDs in backlighting, general illumination, automotive and other applications challenges manufacturers to ramp up production lines up as fast as possible, while increasing yield and quality, all at lower cost. With over 25 years of experience with MOCVD technology, Veeco is uniquely qualified to support LED manufacturing with these capabilities:

  • Production-proven MOCVD production platforms, such as the TurboDisc® EPIK™700 GaN System, which delivers the industry's highest productivity and best-in-class yields
  • Proprietary technologies combine a unique laminar flow reactor design and a hot carrier transfer system to enable virtually non-stop LED manufacturing productivity
  • Highest capital efficiency systems due to fully automated production and shortened recovery period after maintenance

LED Manufacturing Solutions

Veeco offers a range of industry-leading MOCVD equipment, including the TurboDisc EPIK™ 700 and TurboDisc MaxBright MHP™ GaN MOCVD systems, designed to maximize throughput while lowering cost of ownership. Our Systems Performance Components maximize system uptime and yield, allowing our customers to achieve the highest throughput of high-brightness LEDs.

MOCVD Systems

Veeco offers a range of industry-leading GaN and As/P MOCVD systems designed to maximize throughput while lowering cost of ownership for a variety of applications including display, 3D sensing, LiDAR, micro LED display, and optical data communications.


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