Every day, Veeco employees are hard at work discovering new technologies to enable a brighter, smarter and more innovative world.

Why Intern at Veeco?

At Veeco, we believe in supporting our communities and encouraging the next difference makers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. From engineering to accounting, we know that investing in the future leaders is in the best interest of us all.

An internship doesn’t have to be just another box you check off to graduate. It can be the start of something big – your career. Our Internship Program gives you valuable insight and hands-on experience throughout our organization.

As a Veeco intern, you’ll experience the semiconductor, compound semiconductor and data storage industries by collaborating with our high-level experts. You’ll become part of the team that is shaping the future of technology. If you’re a qualified applicant looking to immerse yourself in these dynamic industries, we want to hear from you.

Hear From Our Interns

"Veeco has an amazing learning culture with such talented and friendly people; I really appreciate the opportunity I have to explore and grow within my career. "
Yingyi Zhu, Engineering Intern
"I’m learning many valuable skills, from being a good communicator to performing entries and analyses using SAP and Excel, which overall will help me in my finance career."
Michael Messina, Finance Intern
"As an intern, I’m able to get hands-on experience in my field of study while simultaneously completing my degree."
Mikayla Wass, Treasury Intern

Our Goal

We designed the Veeco Internship Program to help emerging professionals like you learn more about the technology industry and give you the skills and tools you need to make a material difference.

Internship Opportunities

As part of the Veeco United Team, your internship will put you on the path to creating a connected and efficient world as you contribute to next generation technologies.

We know that transitioning from higher education to a fulfilling career is a huge step. Our internships include practical training, mentorship, and real-world experience to ease that transition while cultivating your academic skills and knowledge. Working alongside seasoned mentors and leaders, you’ll learn to think critically and solve real problems.

Veeco-NAACP STEM Scholarship:
Investing in the Future

We support our communities to encourage the next generation of decision-makers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

Our partnership with the NAACP provides qualified rising college freshmen with academic scholarships that help support their educational journey. This year we expanded our partnership to two additional chapters, in addition to our New York chapter, we are partnering with the NAACP Conference in New Jersey and California to grant scholarships to graduating high school seniors aspiring to pursue STEM education.

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