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The demand and market size for wireless devices is increasing – and Veeco will help you drive efficient, high volume production of compound semiconductor epi-wafers. Automated process equipment for MBE brings ultra-precision epitaxially grown wafers to expanding applications in the wireless market.

Driving Wireless Production

Veeco's experience in building systems for materials research has brought innovation and low cost of ownership to production-scale compound semiconductor manufacturing. Automated systems and a wide variety of evaporation sources enable traditional III-V and II-VI growth in addition to new materials for emerging technologies in wireless networks and optoelectronics.

Production performance also starts in our in-house Process Integration Center where we provide expertise to help you solve the challenges of scaling processes from research to production systems for emerging materials and applications.

  • Industry-leading Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) systems such as the GEN2000® MBE system provide lowest cost per wafer
  • Multiple growth modules increase throughput or allow processing incompatible materials
  • Automated wafer handling brings semi-style production efficiency to MBE
  • Easy maintenance maximizes uptimes
  • Growth modules can handle multiple 3", 4", 6" or 8" wafers
  • Components and sources engineered to exacting operational standards, for highly reliable & reproducible results
  • Advanced Process Integration Center provides expertise to help you explore solutions to emerging applications

Process Equipment for Wireless Applications

As the world's leading supplier of MBE and Ion Beam systems and components, Veeco is ready to help you produce the materials, processes and devices of

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