Precision Surface Processing Systems

Precision Surface Processing Systems

Veeco's Precision Surface Processing Systems are on the leading edge of advanced packaging, RF, MEMS, flat panel, and compound semiconductor industries.

Precision Surface Processing - WaferEtch

Address etch processing needs with the WaferEtch® platform, an innovative solution that features the award-winning TSV Reveal, and includes wafer thinning and metal etch.

Precision Surface Processing - WaferStorm

Minimize spray time and add myriad controls with the highly customizable WaferStorm® platform. This solvent-based platform provides excellent process matching with no cross-contamination. It includes unique soak-and-spray processing for increased throughput and decreased cost of ownership.

Parallel Seam Sealer

Achieve high-quality seal cosmetics with minimal heat injection of sensitive parts using the precise, high-yield hermetic package sealing process of the M2400e Parallel Seam Sealer. This modular design is all under the control of a single Windows®-driven PC to achieve the highest sealing yields.