SPECTOR-HT Ion Beam Deposition System: Advancing Optical Thin Film Productivity

Winner of 2013 R&D 100 Award

SPECTOR-HT Advanced Ion Beam System

Ion Beam Film Quality at Physical Vapor Deposition Rates

Produce the highest quality optical thin films with improved levels of productivity and throughput with the award-winning SPECTOR-HT™ Advanced Ion Beam System. Building on the proven performance of our SPECTOR® family of ion beam systems, the SPECTOR-HT system offers excellent layer thickness control, enhanced process stability and the lowest published optical losses in the industry.

For cutting-edge optical interference coating applications ranging from bandpass filters, beam splitters and laser passives, the SPECTOR-HT has been engineered to improve key production parameters such as target material utilization, optical endpoint control and process time.

The SPECTOR-HT gives manufacturers the qualitative advantages of ion beam sputtering (IBS) technology – low scatter loss, high film purity, stable deposition rates and film thickness control of <0.1nm – in a more robust package that significantly boosts throughput and lowers cost of ownership.


More on SPECTOR-HT System

  • Increase your Throughput
    Up to 400% increase in system throughput through improved deposition rates, increased lot sizes.
  • Improve Materials Utilization
    Up to 300% increase in target materials utilization, reduces maintenance and improves overall cost of ownership.
  • Enhance Thin Film Uniformity
    Optimized tool geometry combines with inherent IBS process technology advantages to deliver 50% better material uniformity.
  • Engineered for Process Flexibility
    SPECTOR-HT improves your process flexibility in multiple ways: our latest-generation process control system is operator-friendly, expanded lot sizes give you more process choices and stable deposition rates enable unattended system operation.
  • Winner of prestigious 2013 R&D 100 award

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Quest Optical Monitor: The Evolution of Precision

Precision Control of Layer Endpoints Results in Improved Repeatability and Exceptional Process Control


Veeco's Quest Optical Monitor provides non-quarterwave control directly on production substrates.  Multiple algorithm choices and selectable wavelength ranges allow control of leading edge optical designs.


  • Up to 10x improvement in layer thickness control compared to previous generations
  • Increased production utilization through reduction in calibration runs
  • Less than 0.1% repeatability even with non-consecutive runs
  • Easy set-up with user-friendly interface
  • Fully integrates into existing SPECTOR and SPECTOR-HT IBD systems

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