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Solar Cell Production

Veeco's solar technology equipment is helping to drive new levels of cell efficiency and manufacturing profitability. Our industry-leading MOCVD platform for CPV (concentrating photovoltaics) and the world's only production-proven thermal deposition sources for CIGS manufacturing leverage our unique expertise and industry-leading resources.

Enabling the Future of Solar Manufacturing

Solar energy's fundamental goal is grid parity: cost-per-watt performance that matches the economies of scale of existing power generation technologies like coal, oil, and natural gas. Veeco has the production-scale technology to meet that goal through:

  • Innovative CPV solar cell manufacturing solutions that deliver low cost of ownership (CoO) and high efficiency
  • Proprietary technologies such as thermal deposition for highest efficiency and throughput -- from the world’s leader in thermal evaporation deposition

Solar Cell Manufacturing Solutions

Ramp to high-volume solar manufacturing with Veeco's production systems for CPV and thermal deposition sources for CIGS.

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