OLED Manufacturing Solutions

Flexible, light-weight and energy-efficient mobile displays are expected to become the smartphone industry’s next big trend.  Utilizing organic light emitting diode (OLED) technology, displays will enable longer battery life and better color contrast while making the screen virtually unbreakable.   Imagine dropping your smartphone and the ensuing fear of knowing the screen is inevitably shattered.  OLED displays remove that common catastrophe by allowing the display to absorb impact, as well as to bend and fold.      

OLED Manufacturing Technology 

The best deposition to achieve conformal, pinhole-free films is Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD).    Veeco’s FAST-ALDprovides ultra-fast, high throughput ALD solutions for large and flexible substrates.   Our unique, remote plasma technology deposits advantageous films at extremely low temperature for use in flexible OLED encapsulation applications.  FAST-ALD is more than 10x faster than today’s commercially available ALD technology, offers large substrate scalability and has throughput that works for high volume manufacturing.  

Key Benefits

  • Ultra-fast ALD process with continuous substrate scan
  • Large substrate scalability without losing process throughput
  • Excellent uniformity with closed loop linear reactor design
  • Low CoO with high efficient gas-solid reaction process
  • Simultaneous In-line multi-process capability

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