Materials Science
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Materials Science

The demand for cutting-edge performance materials is constant — and Veeco will help you drive new discovery in your advanced materials science programs through innovative, ultra-precise epitaxial sources, components and systems.

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Driving Materials Science Advances

Across multiple materials science and research disciplines, Veeco provides the resources today's scientists need to drive breakthrough discoveries in epitaxial crystal growth, modification and material properties enhancement. From traditional III-V materials science R&D, to solar, optical and wireless devices, we offer powerful, materials science  technologies and advanced support. In addition, our in-house Process Integration Center works to explore solutions for various other emerging applications.

  • Industry-leading MBE systems such as our GENxplor R&D MBE System 
  • Components and sources engineered to exacting operational standards, for highly reliable & reproducible results
  • Industry's broadest range of MBE and Ion Beam sources and components, enabling you to custom-equip your materials science platform to meet unique development requirements

Materials Science Process Equipment

As the world's leading supplier of MBE and Ion Beam systems and components, Veeco is ready to help you create the materials, processes and devices of

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