MEMS and Magnetic Sensors
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MEMS and Magnetic Sensors

Ion Beam Etch (IBE) and Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology is enabling tomorrow's Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) and magnetic sensors to decrease form factor while increasing in capability.  Veeco’s suite of IBE and PVD equipment meets the critical challenges of next generation MEMS and sensor devices.

Advancing MEMS and Magnetic Sensors

Next generation devices such as pressure sensors, accelerometers, gyroscopes, microphones and digital mirror displays have opened the door for integrated MEMS and sensor solutions (“combo sensors”), which enable improved accuracy and wide adoption into a number of everyday applications.  More sophisticated process capabilities have provided an opportunity for new and existing manufacturers to redefine what is possible in this market - and it’s only just beginning.

The surging demands of next generation MEMS and magnetic sensors require low cost sensors fabricated by proven, high volume manufacturing techniques.  As the world’s leader in IBE and magnetic PVD technology, with over 20 years of experience, Veeco provides this opportunity to the MEMS and sensor industry.  Our systems enable precise, uniform films with material flexibility competing technologies do not have. From large manufacturers to small start-ups, the industry looks to Veeco to implement proper solutions for current and next generation MEMS and sensor devices.   

Listen to our archived webinar: Innovative Manufacturing Solutions for MEMS and Magnetic Sensors

This webinar discussed manufacturing solutions for next generation MEMS and Magnetic Sensors, such as patterning of advanced piezoelectric devices and high rate deposition of magnetic materials. 

The surging demand for low cost sensors requires fabrication methods that are proven high volume manufacturing techniques.  This webinar will focus on the following manufacturing innovations required for unique materials:

  • New deposition techniques that enable the deposition of soft magnetic materials such as Permalloy, for a variety of magnetoresistive MEMS applications.
  • The ability to sputter at high rates while maintaining magnetic alignment
  • Ion beam etch for patterning of advanced piezoelectric devices while maintaining critical dimensions.

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Veeco Manufacturing Solutions

Veeco is uniquely positioned to maximize productivity for MEMS and magnetic sensor manufacturers.  Our family of IBE and PVD systems come in multiple configurations and allow for R&D or high-volume production. Contact us to learn more.

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