"I wanted to be on the cutting edge of innovative technologies that affect people’s lives. At Veeco we are making history by designing the future." - Vincent

Veeco develops cutting-edge technology that enables a brighter, smarter and more innovative world.

Our vision is simple.

We deliver leading process equipment solutions that drive tomorrow’s technology breakthroughs today.  We help our customers – manufacturers of LEDs, solar cells, disk drives and more – to make a more productive, cleaner and sustainable environment. We are a dynamic, innovative and high-growth company recognized as the best in the markets we serve.

Veeco operates under a set of principles designed to motivate, inspire, and drive the success of our customers and our employees. These principles underpin our culture, strengthen our beliefs and guide our behaviors. 

Our Operating Principles: 

  • Customers are Our Reason for Being
  • Our People Drive Our Success
  • Promote a Results Oriented, High Performance Culture
  • Be Passionate About Technology & Product Leadership
  • Speed is a Vital Competitive Weapon
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